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About Stephen

Stephen Darnell is a spiritual and passionate composer and performer of the Native American-style flute, Irish Whistle, Didgeridoo, Armenian Duduk, Shakuhachi Flute, and Moyo Drum, whose music is a place of peace, a place of rest, and a place for coming home.  Inspired by musicians such as Douglas Spotted Eagle, Michael Allen, and Ash Dargan, Stephen has embraced the melodic wonder that the flute and didgeridoo has to offer, opening a realm of soulful and empowering creativity.

Classically trained, Stephen has always had music as an important part in his life beginning in the 7th grade where he mastered the French horn playing through the first years of college.  During this time, and well into his adult life, he has had a heartfelt passion for the handbells with over 40 years of experience both as an ensemble player and soloist.

Since the turn of the century his interest has expanded to encompass world music including Irish folk music, mastering the art of the penny whistle playing at local Irish pub sessions.  Discovering new treasures within the World music scene, Stephen has become learned on the Native American style Flute, Didgeridoo, and the Armenian Duduk, embracing a new home where soulful creativity and soothing mindfulness offers the encouragement and inspiration to play from the heart.

Stephen has performed for the Frederick Public Libraries, Frederick County Public School system, Spirit First Meditation, “Songwriters Showcase” hosted by Todd Walker, Frederick First Saturdays, Frederick Festival of the Arts, Everedy Square & Shab Row in downtown Frederick, MD, the Frederick Acoustic Music Enterprise (F.A.M.E.), Frederick area open Mic events, and private venues.  In addition, Stephen is a regular musical guest at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick.

Whether you practice mindfulness and meditation or just want to take time to pause and become grounded, Stephen's collection of music from the earth will get you there. He breathes peace, calm, and tranquility into the world through the flute he holds in his two hands.


"The flute is created from the earth, it dances on the wind. If you give your breath of life to the flute, it will sing of the earth to you." – Charles Haney

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