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Flutes on "Creekside Prayer"

Rising Moon Flutes (David O'Neal) - Gm

All That Remains

Reflejos de Luna

Woodland Voices Flutes (Colyn Petersen; Kitty Brougham) - F#m

Desert Flower


Sea of Tranquility

Feather Ridge Flutes (Randy Stenzel) - Bm

Creekside Prayer

Pond Reflections

Spirit of the Woods Flutes (Ed Hrebec) - F#m/C#m

Great Mystery

High Spirits Flutes (Odell Borg) - Dm


Woodsounds (Brent Haines) - Am

Morning Owl

Earth Tone Flutes (Geoffrey Ellis) - G#

Embers to the Stars

High Spirits Flutes (Odell Borg) - Gm

A Sharing Moment

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"The flute is created from the earth, it dances on the wind. If you give your breath of life to the flute, it will sing of the earth to you." – Charles Haney

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